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Standard GPS repeater

This is IPLís entry level system . it is a GPS repeater that will allow coverage inside a building , loading / parking bay , aircraft hanger or similar

Calculated open area indoor range 100 meters plus

Will provide a fix of the repeater receive aerial on any GPS unit inside the coverage of the repeater.

For example this will allow continued operation of an emergency services vehicle with AVLS to remain in lock and in service showing a fix whilst on station. Likewise for any other unit that uses GPS; personal tracker, GPS enabled phone, GPS enabled tetra terminal in fact any standard GPS receiver

The GiPS System

The GiPS system uses a number of advanced GPS repeaters to give linear coverage inside a building.

Global Indoor Positioning System Ď GiPSí is IPLís advanced system with  more adaptable and extendable coverage capability of the simple system but GiPS also uses a system which will enable any standard un-modified GPS receiver to obtain a proper fix in this indoor environment .

The fix is as good a quality as to be expected outside with the sky in view, and can be in an area were there is normally no detectable signal even using a high sensitivity GPS.

This is done using a simple and relatively low cost system that has patent pending

GiPS as used to cover a tunnel

The above GiPS system can also be configured to operate on a leaky feeder system in a tunnel environment and still allow a good fix to be obtained. This is believed to be unique and first in field .

Indoor GPS within tunnel


Indoor GPS within tunnel